Most companies do not list Haskell, Clojure, Erlang, Elixir, Groovy, Go, D, or Delphi as nice-t0…
Richard Kenneth Eng

Although I’m using only JavaScript and PHP at work, I was playing with Smalltalk, Ruby, Forth, OCaml, Factor, Ada, ObjectPascal (and even more). I think learning new languages is an important step, even if you won’t use those languages professionally.

When I read that you can program object oriented with Ada, it took me days to get an understanding how you can do OOP without a class concept. But after I got the idea, I really understood that OOP is the way you think and structure your code, responsibilities, data — not the syntax you’re using.

Now I’m using ObjectPascal (FreePascal) and Smalltalk (Pharo) in my spare time — two languages considered as dead by many developers. But both with (very different) great features and an open community behind!

Will I use them at our company? Probably not, but it increases my programming skills more than learning different JavaScript frameworks every day!

Thanks for your great articles about Smalltalk, Richard Kenneth Eng ! 😃

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