Why do I … Delphi?
Andrei Aleksandrov

Great article, thanks for your insights!

I’m using FreePascal and Lazarus as an hobby and I know that feeling, when you struggle with yourself, if it is the right choice while “all” the other kids out there are using Java or C++ 😉

But it is, for the reasons you mentioned: there is nearly nothing you can’t do in ObjectPascal!

At people, that think of modern Pascal as the language from the eighties, I like to show some work that developer BeRo, an active member of the demo scene, did: an EcmaScript5 interpreter, a super fast and modern 3D engine, stunning 64k demos and much more. I wish there would be more of those ObjectPascal demos out there!

With Embarcaderos move to support Linux, they definitely did the right step! I think I would even buy a Linux version of their IDE if they would release such a version again (as they did with Kylix). Although that I don’t believe that they will do that…

I’m curious to read more articles from you 😃

Best regards from Berlin / Potsdam

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