Why We Love Lunchadores Street Gourmet

When we decided to make local foods our focus, we knew we had to work with food trucks. For chefs, food trucks are a great way to experiment and break into the industry as a business owner. With the food truck community in Phoenix growing every day, we saw an amazing opportunity to leverage our community and technology.

Our mission with food trucks is to help elevate their level of visibility and showcase their catering capabilities. That’s where Lunchadores came in.

When you start researching food trucks in Phoenix, Lunchadores will always come to the top of the lists and for a good reason: THEY’RE AMAZING. Run by a family team, Kim & Tim complement each other perfectly and have built a local success story. Together they have a tremendous menu, run a professional operation, and have a ton of event under their belts.

Personally we loved the Steak & Bleu Quesadilla and Lengua Tacos. You can tell they take pride in providing authentic Mexican favorites while also having fun with their Asian fusion options. When it comes to tacos in the Valley, Lunchadores can hang in the ring with anyone (see what we did there?).

When we meet, we were pleasantly surprised to learn they help run the local Food Truck Group: La Familia.

After getting a crash course in food truck catering from Kim, we knew having a trusted partner was critical to ensure we pick the right trucks. La Familia and our Team have hand picked every truck in the Yardhop Marketplace looking for those with an amazing menu, extensive large (and small) event experience, and priding themselves on outstanding customer service.

When it comes to food truck catering, Lunchadores is our go to Classic Mexican food option. They’ll create a dining experience to be remembered by your guests.