Why we love Saffron Jak

This may be one of my favorite blogs to write and not just because of my pizza obsession, but because of the really cool story behind the team at Saffron Jak.

Like many chefs, brothers Jayson and Jaymes wanted to bring something unique yet familiar to their menu. For them it was building a Pizza on Persian Sourdough, a staple they grew up eating.

Never heard of Persian Sourdough? Don’t worry neither did we and for full transparency, I was a little hesitant to try the first time because I’m not the biggest sourdough fan.

When we scheduled a time to meet and sample their menu, the brothers were kind enough to invite me into their home and cook up some dishes. The invited me us in and treated us like family (even though we had never met). This level of hospitality is not something you can teach, but a reflection of their character and upbringing.

When we got around to food, the catering platters showed an extremely high level of sophistication: from the presentation to creativity in ingredients. But lets be honest, I was excited to try the pizza and this is where they hit a home run.

To our pleasant surprise Persian Sourdough gives the pizza a really subtle character. It simply complements the toppings and brings that special something to their pie. They have a lot of unique creations on their menu, but I had to eat the tried and true pepperoni (my favorite), which like everything else was awesome.

As a bread lover, I wondered where they get their Sourdough. The answer simply adds to the legend of Saffron. Why is that?

Because Persian Sourdough requires a special oven, which simply doesn’t exist (yet) in Arizona. So to get their bread they have had to drive weekly to California and back to pick get batches. This wasn’t some quick fix solution, they have done it for years!

This determination, unique story, and great pizza has made them a local success story and enabled Saffron to reach the next exciting step in their story. Opening a bakery to make Persian Sourdough in the Valley.

This experience is why we’re so excited to be working with Saffron Jak and know they wouldn’t let anything get into the way of putting together an incredible and memorable event for your guests.