Do You Need a Ute or a Van for Your Business?

If you’re running a business, it may be difficult to decide upon which type of vehicle will best suit your needs. Should you choose a ute, such as; the Nissan Patrol cab chassis for sale here in Australia, or would a van be more appropriate? Let’s take a closer look at this issue, explore some of the pros and cons and hopefully help you to make an informed decision.

The Ute Pros:

A ute offers a great amount of cargo space, that is easily accessed thanks to the open topped nature of the cargo bay. This is great for moving loose cargo, such as sand or soil, that can be tipped into the tray. A Ute can also accommodate pallets and have better side access than even a van with a side door. The ground clearance for a ute is usually better than a van, which makes them a good option for offroad use and rough ground. A ute is generally more comfortable for carrying passengers; a dual cab will keep your passengers separate from the cargo being carried. A ute will usually have better connectivity and infotainment systems than a van, which makes them more useful as a family vehicle at the weekend.

The Ute Cons:

The main problem with utes is security; the open nature of the cargo area makes it an easy target for criminals. Of course, covers and lock boxes for tools can mitigate this risk a great deal. There is no protection from the elements for cargo carried in a ute and loads that are sensitive to the elements are not a good fit. The loading height for a ute cargo tray is higher than a van; this means that heavier or bulky items can be problematic. Some utes have rear wheel wells that can make loading and shifting pallets around a tedious task.

In Conclusion:

The ute is generally a better option for business owners that need to transport a crew and cargo to a site that is located in a rough or off road area. The security concerns can be offset by the addition of a canopy or a lockbox for valuable and tools. A van would be a better fit for a business that is transporting heavier or bulky parcels. However, a van is a poor option if you want to use the vehicle as a family car at the weekend or for offroad trips.

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