What if artists write CVPR papers?

Malevich: Unreasonable Effectiveness of 100% Dropout 
Mondrian: Boosting Algorithms Simplified 
Seuratt: Is human vision robust to blur and pixel shuffle? 
Varholl: Re-colorization Augmenation for CNN training. 
John Cage: All you need is silence. 
da Vinci: Mono smile: Novel approach to steganography
Rubens: You don’t need weight decay for your models. 
Dali: Deformable convolutions for time warping 
Pollock: №5: Procedural approach for texture generation. 
Coolidge: Dogs Playing Poker: Context-independent action recognition
Vereshchagin: On CVPR Acceptance Rate
Magritte: Reproducible research in ML: mission impossible?
van Gogh: Neural Style Transfer Begins
Banksy: Self-Normalizing Neural Networks
Esher: Step learning rate schedule revisited
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