A Slice of ‘Umble Pie

Much like other pundits and bloggers, I have had more than my share of ‘material’ since the current administration took office. I have at least five incomplete essays that I planned to post but each new day offered more headlines and opportunities to either get caught up in the separatist vitriol or once again, turn within for my own personal deeper inner work.

Then today, a friend shared a short and sweet post on Facebook from his friend, Tina Benson, that I felt said it all for me in an eloquent and concise manner. I have her permission to share it with you here:

“I entered his emptiness inside my meditation and I knew…he carries the emptiness out loud for all of us…the gnawing sense of unworthiness that will tell any lie to be seen as worthy…to be admired…to be valued…to forget the loneliness…the unbearable sense of not mattering. The part of us that chases things, power, status, control…that clenches and grabs…that rages instead of cries…that does not know how to trust…that forgets we belong, and are a part of it all. He is a relentless neon sign, and the impulse is to resist the painful reflection he is offering us.

I can do nothing any longer but look in his mirror…to find compassion…deeper than deep compassion for my own emptiness and forgetting…and for yours. His emptiness, and all the ways he goes about trying to fill it in all the wrong ways, belongs to all of us if we’re honest. He is not separate from us. He is us…as much as we want to keep the truth out projected. He won’t go away until we embrace within ourselves all that he carries with unfathomable courage and infinite love. There really, truly is no other way.”

It is way too easy to get caught up in the onslaught of inarguably inexcusable things being said and done (or not done in some cases) and feel justified in our rage about Trump et al. For me, I just want to reclaim my own sense of civility, humanity, compassion, kindness and peace and allow that to saturate the fabric of this nation in whatever way it can.

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