Hello! Robots

There is a robot invasion in the making they said!

They will come and take away your jobs they said!

Hey, if they are in anyway similar to Mr. Rotimatic… the more the merrier I say.

First thing first, before I forget to say it, I really, really love this dude! and yes I am calling my Rotimatic a dude and his name is Jinn. I am doing this just so I can shatter all the sexist notions about who makes rotis in the household and avoid all of the backlash from the fairer sex. Also, just to set the record straight this by no means indicates that I was the roti-maker in the household, that expertise is monopolized by my significantly better-half.

OK, now for the nitty-gritty details of my experience:

The Box and the packaging

The unboxing was simple/uneventful. For once I read the userguide/manual accompanying the unit.

The instructions were simple and getting the app installed on the phone and running through the standard process to get Jinn out of the box, powered up(spoiler alert, for those who have not received your unit yet, the power cable is huge, I mean its monsterous but to its credit, it has a built in GFCI which means you do not have to retrofit your electric outlets),

and onto my home WiFi network(this process is very much in line with most IoT WiFi setup) was a breeze.

Full disclosure, I had a small hiccup with the GFCI on the power cord + order of plugging-in a couple times but after a couple of try’s Jinn was 😁 to be alive! The folks at Rotimatic did send out details about how to use the GFCI correctly via email, but that email arrived a couple days after I received Jinn. Here are the relevant instructions from the email:

1. GFCI Power Cord — Specifications
After you plug in the cord to the power outlet please press the ‘Reset’ button on the cord once before you can power on the Rotimatic. Make sure the red indicator turns on. Do not press the button again unless you remove the plug from the power outlet and reinsert it.
Please do not press the ‘Test’ button on the cord.

No points will be awarded for guessing what I (probably) did the first couple times!

I stocked all the 3 containers with the ingredients needed to make rotis, instructed Jinn to make 3 rotis, one of each human member of the household and hit “go”. What happened after that can only be described as “magic”. Jinn got down to business, 6 minutes of stretching, warming up, flexing those motors, rotors, arms, spinning thingy-ies, a whole bunch of (at times quite loud and unnerving) noise and just when I was going to reach for the phone and call the Robot doctors in to save Jinn, he rolled up a nice dough-ball, which was scooped up, flatted, roasted and pushed out into a perfectly cooked, round roti(and yes I was ashamed at how easily Jinn managed to figure out and executer how a roti needs to be, unlike all of my attempts). The next 2 rotis came out just as neatly shaped as the first and thus I could not attribute the first one to beginners luck.

We let Jinn enjoy the rest of the evening by taking it easy. He also had to recover from his jet-lag 😉

Stay tuned for adventures of Jinn!

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