What is CyberX Project?
CyberX Project is a decentralized cyber-security platform.
We are a startup team launched by a company which specialized in cyber-security services, CyberX project is collaborating with many famous organizations worldwide such as Kaspersky Lab.

Why CyberX?
CyberX Project is building a framework of Cybersecurity, powered by the CyberX currency (CX), in order to improve the security of the industrial facilities on which we rely. In the first 3 quarters of 2017, Cybersecurity published that cybersecurity damages will total more than $5 trillion globally.
The rising cost of cybersecurity reveals a malfunction of the security field to give an answer that is both easy enough to warrant adoption by the industries and secure enough to guard our most priceless secrets and data. Merely increasing spending without accumulating, the way we see about modern cybersecurity is inadequate. Firewalls, virtual private networks, and passwords are all at the edge of the network defenses. This makes it too simple for non-authenticated users to penetrate and hack systems.
CyberX project is advancing technology to push further the edge of cybersecurity. Our new Worldwide Notarial database and ID verifying Network have been established to record, inspect, protect and send notifications to the owner about the health of their registered system. This whole complex system will be powered by CyberX currency.
The number of our partners and clients are expanding faster than ever, there will be a great need of purchasing and using our CyberX currency. It will be a highly profitable and wise manner to invest in this opportunity that we offer you.

Our Ecosystem:
We have built a very strong Ecosystem that would lead our investors in a long-term investment. CyberX Project will also allow the creation of new startup models based on the up-to-date innovation and trend. Our algorithm would give anyone to build new services on top of our services easily. Ecosystem integration is an important part of our long-term plan for CyberX.

CyberX Project Ecosystem:

CyberX Project Token Distribution and Allocation:
A majority of our token will be sold for contributors and investors, the company holds 20% of that to build the partnership, marketing, organizing events and leagues for a new startup, CX token will be used as a kind of prize for winners of our monthly tournaments.
Bounty Campaign: http://bit.ly/2xKh1Do
Token Supply: 168,000,000 CX
The percentages for ICO crowdsale, founding team, company, advisors and community buildings are contributed shown on the left chart as below
The funds will be used shown on the right chart as below
Note: After Presale and Crowdsale, If there are tokens left, then it will be burnt which is contributed to contributors/invest

Token Chart:

We have been preparing for months, we seriously did draw a very long-term vision for our ICO, but it’s not everything here. It’s just a draft one, we may have another roadmap in other quarters


Our Exchange:
CyberX Project Team has contacted significant numbers of exchanges in April when we created the idea. However, not all were successful, but we are sure that in middle of December, there will be a great exchange add our token and in January 2018, we will be added to other exchanges. 
Here is one big exchange we have successfully dealt with them, they have agreed to be added at the end of first quarter of 2018 or at the beginning of Q2 2018

Our Team:
CyberX Project Team has been operating its services for over 7 months and we employ an international and passionate team with vision, ability, innovative thinking, openness, management skills, marketing knowledge, and developers coming from various backgrounds as IT, cyber-security, the blockchain, and relationship dealers. A complete profile of the team is available at https://www.cyberx-project.com
Especially, we are always looking for new gifted guys who specialize in cyber-security, blockchain technology, graphic design, and marketing. If you are interested in joining our team, do not hesitate to send your CV and cover letter to HR@cyberx-project.com or recruitement@cyberx-project.comor visit the site, you will see an option like this :

We are hiring!

~CyberX Project Dev. team.~