Maitre De Poonith

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2 min readMay 9, 2019
A Series Exposing Talent In Unlikely Areas, Made For Internet Distribution

We live in a world where many have talents that are not shared with others. This is because of insecurities that have root in valuing the opinion of others about them, more than they value their own.

We think this is a shame, as we are missing out on truly exceptional talents, because most are trying to portray an image of themselves they want the world to see rather than who they are.

The game of “social survival” has reached heightened proportions today.

Kush Poonith is our General Counsel, a real lawyer. He is a hard worker who also has a comedic side to him that connects with other people. He agreed to make short videos as a trial to see the reaction of the market. In a few weeks, 4 of his videos garnered 50,000+ views and good engagement.

During this period, we were analytical and tried different things, like boosting the post on Facebook to various audiences and being attentive. We spent a total of US$50 for the boosts (this equates to $0.001 per view as counted by Facebook).

The reason why may be multiple. We think it resonates with people stuck in their stressful jobs, either not liking what they do or unable to do something else, taking a few minutes to “check-out”.

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