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As our previous venture post explained, we turned a corner in 2020 into a seed-stage Venture Capital operation. While we’ve internally been operating in that fashion for the past few months, for the record in the journal of our history, the following bears mentioning.

Things we still hold dear:-

(i) Our values. Truth First and F*ck Fake. This tells our approach to life. We believe that to be happy you must live and express your truth. Our guiding principles are “We Grow”, “We Share”, and “We Act”. The brilliant entrepreneur we work with day in and day out have a…

Imagine a young, bright-eyed, eager artist. He has a passion for music and a gift for singing. He wants to go even further than where he is but is unsure of how to get there.

Enter XTM+, a ‘fairy godfather’ of sorts. We don’t wave a wand, but we do create magic, and this is achieved by really getting to the crux of what makes an artist, well, themselves.

When Florian Roussety approached us last year, he knew that he wanted to share his gift of song not just with Mauritians but on an international level.

He wanted to showcase…

2020 was a year with unprecedented challenges for everyone. There were brief moments of respite from one type of adversity before another presented itself.

Thankfully the human race is a resilient one, and the last year has proven that more than ever.

When we were asked to stay in our homes to protect ourselves and others from the effects of COVID-19, we did so and found various ways to entertain ourselves.

Some businesses didn’t survive this transition, while others were able to adjust and adapt, with Ducorp XTM being the latter. This ability to evolve was thanks in part to…

This post marks a pause in the history of Ducorp XTM. The “Origins” section of our publication which sets out the articles we wrote during our early days (May 2019-Oct 2020) will remain as an archive. See the documentation of the early days of our enterprise under the tag early days.

We thank all those that participated in memorialising our early journey, memories, the good weeks and the tough ones. This contribution to the global consciousness we call the internet shall remain as an account of where we came from in all transparency.

Presently, our enterprise has grown and, as…

Scratch of the Jaguar Logo — Ducorp XTM, Truth First

Ducorp XTM is a seed-stage VC firm focused on the technology sector in emerging markets. We have an edgy identity and a modern way of doing things. Find out more below.

1.0 Our DX-I Fund

There are different models for operating private equity funds.

Some have traditional structures and are focused on specific sectors. Others are more aggressive and have a higher risk appetite. And, some models are exotic or experimental in their approach, etc. (see reference 1 for a great analysis of 26 different models).

Fund managers have different philosophies and modus operandi; no ‘one size fits all.’ However…

Canvas Stories Podcast 2: Words for the Ocean

To say that Hasnaa Yadallee and Imaan Khadir are determined and inspirational would still be an understatement and not quite encapsulate the talent of these amazing young women.

Imaan, at just sixteen years old, is already at university. She readily admits that she has always had a strong personality and self-motivates once she has a goal in mind. With clear ambition and big dreams, she continuously challenges herself while motivating others.

Hasnaa, twenty, is in her second year at university studying Psychology. While this was not an obvious choice for her when initially considering a career path, she eventually decided…

On this episode of Canvas Stories, it’s exactly one year to the day that maverick author Nanda Pavaday created the cover of his newest book, ‘Tizistwar Nou Pays: Histoires et souvenirs d’antan racontes,’ a collection of 24 stories highlighting Mauritian life, and beloved by many.

Growing up, while he had the built-in friendship that’s a bonus of having five brothers, Nanda often found himself left to his own devices, and being somewhat introverted, kept himself company with his many thoughts.

To him, his ideas are similar to a recipe, comprising many complex layers and evoking a myriad of emotions once…

Francois Herholdt has enjoyed an illustrious career over a period spanning thirty-two years and has grown to become one of Mauritian’s favorite jockeys.

While being interviewed by host Akash Matabadul, Francois gives his fans intimate insight into what initially fueled his interest in and appreciation for horseracing.

He recounts that around the age of twelve, he was introduced to horseracing by his father, who had aspirations of being a jockey himself, but those dreams were deferred due to the death of Francois’ grandparents when his dad was still a young boy.

The senior Herholdt ignited the passion for horseracing in…

In this brave new world where innovation is crucial, the ability to continuously pivot and adjust often determines the longevity of businesses and economies.

While digital age investors are familiar with Blockchain and BITCOIN, we want the endless possibilities of Digital Assets to be equally beneficial to the average person looking to expand their investment portfolio.

Thus, a brilliant Tripartite Collaborative Agreement has emerged between Wakanda 4.0, DoBuy Academy, and MA Media. …

His research and consultancy work is vast, and he has brought his knowledge to Mauritius, Australia, and Africa as well.

Dr. Juggarnauth has been involved in Blockchain since 2010, when people first started noticing its benefits and possibilities. His journey in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies have seen him working on projects in Blockchain and Fintech in both African institutions and the European Union.

He posits that due to the world financial crisis in 2008, many people lost faith in investing due to mismanagement of funds and bad financial decisions made by numerous companies and their CEOs.

People wanted a solution and…

Ducorp XTM

Seed-Stage VC targeting the technology sector in emerging markets. We unearth disruptors in hard-to-reach places and channel their work, anywhere.

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