Reasons to love a central vacuum system

Here’s why it should be your favourite home appliance.

Household chores already are a painful task for most of us. Thanks to technology we now have home appliances that do our dirty work.

Although there have been significant improvements over the past years there is still the need to vacuum clean the living areas of ones home. So we either procrastinate or try to get someone else to do it for us. However, asthma, allergies and Melbourne’s environment may force you to take on the task after all.

With modern advancements the ducted vacuum industry you now have systems that are bagless and even self cleaning filters — this certainly minimises the work load of cleaning your home.

Enter, your new super-hero — a Volta central vacuum system! If you don’t already know why I say that, read on:

Easy Maintenance:

Volta Central Vacuum systems are fashioned in a way where the main motor is located in the Garage or basement or store room and has outlets located as required throughout the home (usually one for every 100 Sq. meters of living space) in the wall of every room.

All you’ve got to do is plug the hose into one inlet, and when you’ve completed the cleaning in that area is plug it into the next inlet. With the large capacity collection bin you will only have to empty the bin 3 or four times a year and even then it may be only half full.


A central vacuum system will give you a cleaner home with minimum effort. Literally! The Volta ducted vacuum hose is very light and crushproof and is easy to move from room to room.

Even if your home is one of Melbourne’s largest, a central vacuum system’s ducted hose will help you keep it dust-free!

Extremely powerful suction:

In comparison to a regular vacuum a central vacuum system is a lot more powerful. This means that your home gets cleaned a lot more thoroughly. The ducted hose sucks up dirt and debris of every kind, ensuring a cleaner atmosphere for your home.

Indoor air-quality improvement:

If all the dirt/dust/debris and pollutions etc are being effectively collected into your Volta central vacuum system, you’re only left with a clean living environment.

The filtration of a Volta Centravac is 100% so it traps 100% of contaminants, keeping in tune with the highest performance standards.

If you haven’t already guessed a Volta central vacuum system is a sure shot blessing for those with asthma and allergy problems.

Cleaning on the quiet:

Given the design of a Volta central vacuum system, the power unit is located away from the living area. Although the Volta Centravac UNbits are quiet this factor makes the whole performance ever so much quieter.

Hence, you don’t have to deal with the annoying whirring sound of the motor at work. This keeps you, your children and pets completely at ease, with no disruption to your work.

Covers large spaces with ease:

Small vacuums can be difficult to use for large houses. But a Volta central vacuum system covers a large area with the same efficiency and ease that it would for a small house. Whether your house is the largest or smallest, it would stand to benefit from a central vacuum system.

Accessorize and optimize:

A Volta central vacuum system can help you clean all those difficult corners and get rid of dirt debris and dust in every part of the room.

There are a host of accessories that you can opt for that go on the ducted hose. Attach the nozzles that suit your requirement and clean just about anything.

Now that you have checked all the above I’m sure you’ll agree that a Volta central vacuum system is equal to a cleaner home. It is advisable to contact one of our reliable Volta central agents who can also provide you with the accessories you require.

Take the easiest step to a cleaner home with a Volta central vacuum system. Call and enquire about ducted vacuum systems today.

About the Author:

Ellem’s Centravac is the national distributer for Volta Centravac Ducted Vacuums for more than 25 years. With their ergonomic central vacuum systems and accessories, you’ll find home cleaning to be an almost effortless task.