How to Get Your Writing Noticed
Blake Powell

Hey Blake Powell, so — a little ironically—my first comment to you (where we then had a discussion about engaging with people genuinely) is getting more recommends than some of the posts I sat down to write with intention.

“I’m writing a post about _______ and I’m going to add an image, a title/subtitle and add it to my publication.”


“I have something to say about this piece, with no intention or expectation than it will become a story that I add to my publication”.

So I’ve since made my first sentence into a title, and I added it to my publication. The question is, do I dare add an image or does that then make it look more like a story and less like just a regular comment.

Heck, does the title alone make it less enticing to read, when looking through responses? Maybe this will be the A/B test, haha. How many recommends after I formatted the first sentence as a title.

Medium (and its readers) never ceases to surprise and confound me.

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