Bitsdaq (BQQQ) IEO review

Bitsdaq is a new promising exchange released a few months ago as Bittrex’s second partner in the Asia region and Bittrex intention is to create a Pan-Asia Market network with Bitsdaq help.

One of their biggest Bitsdaq missions/visions is to become a leader/reference when it comes to IEO services. The exchange users have grown significantly in past weeks and so has the volume, but lately it became clear that exchanges that have their own token tend to grow more and be more respected. I had my eyes on this new exchange for some time and wanted to somehow bet on the company growth and the opportunity has finally appeared!

Bitsdaq is about to launch their own Exchange token (BQQQ) via IEO.

So let me share my thoughts and the review I made about it:

Token adoption/use case:

The token use case is similar to most exchange tokens which is to reduce trading fees and offer different benefits such as airdrops, priviliges to participate into IEOs and some other use cases that you can read above.

All solid in my personal opinion and on track with other exchange tokens. What I find interesting here is that since they want to be leaders in IEO services the token should receive lots of value when it comes to participate into these future IEOs.

Token Metrics

Update token metrics

BQQQ is a low cap coin in my opinion since it has a 6.5M$ hardcap(≤10M$) giving another reason to be bullish into it considering that most exchange tokens are above 90M$+ cap. Circulating supply will start very small with the new metrics since private investors and IEO investors will have their tokens distributed in batchs and that should help the IEO price when it launches. The initial circulating supply should be around 460K unlocked tokens by the launch (3M$).

Team :

These are the team members that I found to be strong for the project short term/long term growth.

Advisors/Partners :

Bittrex is the biggest partner announced by Bitsdaq team so far. I talked to the team to get more infos about Advisors/Partnerships that they they will release but I won’t be able to put their names here as of now but I already knew some from old successful projects. Bitsdaq should announce their advisors and their partnerships/investors to the public as time goes by.

Project hype :

I have followed their telegram lately and twitter checking updates and news. The community has been active and responsive to their news/announcements.

Amount of followers in these 2 social media:

Telegram members amount : 45650.

Twitter followers : 7237

So overall the project hype has been very strong so far and team has been preparing also a strong marketing campaign.

Using my ICO spreadsheet to evaluate Bitsdaq IEO token metrics, team, roadmap and hype here are the grades I have for each category and the final score:

Roadmap grade : 92.5/100

Token metrics grade : 85.7/100

Team grade : 87.25/100

Hype : 100/100

Final Score : 91.39/100

DudeSignals ICO ROI rank :

Score <50 = REKT

Score <60 = Weak

Score <70 = Medium project

Score >70 = Good project

Score >80 = Strong project

Score >90 = Moon project