The decision whether to invest in annuities, a 401(k) or both, depends mainly on your circumstances and your individual goals for retirement. This post serves as a general guide to understand the differences between these two ways to save for retirement and help you decide which is the best option for you.

What is a 401(k)?

With a 401(k), your funds will be invested in different types of assets depending on your risk tolerance and the options the provider offers. …

If you have a 401(k), any other retirement plan, or anything that ties into the stock market in general, then this article is for you. I’m going to tell you seven ways to protect your 401(k) from a stock market crash so that if it does happen, at least you will be prepared.

What is a 401(k)?

The 401(k) is an employer-sponsored, tax-deferred investment plan specially designed for retirement. It’s a particular type of investment account that an employer opens on behalf of their employees to deposit a portion of each employee’s salary and sometimes another voluntary contribution to match that of the employee.

There are two…

Even before the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people used their free time to engage in their passions. Whether knitting scarves and selling them on Etsy or doing home repair work for neighbors, side gigs are becoming more common for people with standard, 9-to-5 day jobs.

Side hustles are great options for many people for a few reasons — they serve as an extra source of income, help you make ends meet or build savings for retirement. …

If you zoom out and look at the big picture, the challenge of improving your bottom line optimization is simple — theoretically, at least. You can increase your revenue, you can lower your expenses, or you can do both. Now, actually accomplishing this is a different story.

The 2 Levers of Bottom Line Optimization

Top line growth is the first lever of bottom line optimization. And while it’s arguably the most exciting method, it’s also the most difficult to achieve.

“Top line growth means there has been an increase in the gross sales and revenue,” entrepreneur Mary Hart explains. “When you achieve top line…

It’s not easy to keep your cool in the face of a market crash. Even if you were prepared and had a well-diversified portfolio with everything from stocks to bonds to crypto, things can still go south, and it can be hard to stomach when they do.

It doesn’t help that we’re constantly bombarded by news reports about how bad things are for everyone else or that friends and relatives might be quick to share their gloomy outlooks with us.

But there’s no need to panic: there are some tried-and-true ways of coping with a crashing 401(k)

Blogging is a great way to earn a little disposable income, whether it’s something you do on the side or it’s your full-time profession. If you have a passion for event planning, elegant nuptials, flowers, gowns, and other wedding details, it follows that weddings would be the focus of your blog. Your top priority should be to advance your wedding blog.

As a wedding blogger, you’ve already defined your niche with a specific audience in mind. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be an instant success. Every wedding blogger must have a few tips and tricks up their sleeve.

Here are some expert tips to advance your wedding blog.

Find a way to differentiate yourself.

The most profound way to attract more…

While your finances may not cause night terrors, a lot of us are concerned about money. 77% of participants reported feeling anxious about their financial situation, according to a Mind over Money survey by Capital One and The Decision Lab. Furthermore, 68% of Americans worry about not having enough money to retire, 56% are concerned about keeping up with life’s costs, and 44% are worried about managing their debt.

In addition, 58% of respondents said finances control their lives. And, 52% of respondents find it challenging to control their money worries.

How to Figure Out Finances

Despite these concerns, just how precarious are your specific personal finances? Well, here’s how you can figure out your finances courtesy of

Ensure that you have an…

In the world of big data, there’s no shortage information that you can use to increase conversations.

Some examples would include everything from their contact information, demographics, and general data like their interests and shopping behavior.

Sales intelligence is using this type of information to keep the conversation going with your leads in order to close a sale. The reason? …

That’s what this post aims to do: look at some of the challenges people face when adapting to retirement and offer ways around or through them where possible.

What factors affect our ability to adapt to retirement?

Adapting to retirement is a process that depends on many different factors. Scholars and academics have long studied what goes on in our minds during this time of change to understand why some people adapt so well while others struggle so much.

Three main theories aim to make sense of…

As you’re most certainly aware, we’re rapidly approaching the holiday season. While most of us enjoy this time of year, we’re not always thrilled about what this means for our pockets. After all, saving money is impossible between buying gifts, traveling, and cooking feasts — especially if you’re on a tight budget.

American shoppers are expected to spend $1,463 on holiday purchases this year, according to Deloitte. That’s 5% more than what people spent in 2020.

High-income households are driving the upswing in holiday spending, while lower-income households continue to struggle. Low-income households make up 65% of those planning to skip shopping…

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