Yes, you can leave the North America bubble
David Kadavy

As a Canadian living in Mexico for over 8 years, I feel like the USAians can continue to call themselves Americans and the rest of us Continent of America (there’s only one American continent in Mexico, there is no North America and South America) citizens don’t need to use that term. I personally feel that when Americans say “we’re all Americans!” my nationality gets diluted. Like I’m not a Canadian anymore since we’re all Americans. And given the current US political climate, there seems to be an attempt by many Americans to want to include the rest of us as Americans because they’re so unhappy with their country right now and maybe if we all band together the rest of the world won’t think so badly of them. (Don’t jump down my throat, I have family that are American citizens and many dear friends who are Americans.) The USA has called themselves Americans for so long that they should continue to own it. I’m quite happy to simply call myself Canadian.