The Failure of Ratchetness and Pettiness

The world is full of power people taking advantage of the weak and powerless. Then the powerless want to feel like they have power. That is where the defense mechanism of pettiness and ratchetness comes from. Pettiness because the powerless must ruin anothers day to feel better about themselves. If the petty are wrong in a debate, they will bring up a non-sequitur. Like “Well your house smell funny and your fat” when the debate is about economic freedom. This is where ratchetness comes in. The powerless will try to feel better about their impoverished lifestyle. So they will over spend and waste money doing detrimental things.

The solution to both of these thing is a honesty with ones self. Honesty and truth can heal the world if it is received properly. When honesty is out of the picture, You can feel better about being opressed, broke, obese, ugly on the inside, and racist. This is why people run from honesty. Honesty can help us better the world and our interactions with each other. So go out today and love each other honestly!

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