A few announcements

It’s been around 2 weeks since we announced dueltoken.io and went live with the website. We had some expectations when we first started thinking of launching our project. Today we wanted to share with you what we have learned so far, and how we intend to go forward.

Building community engagement

We are still really excited to bring the concept of dueltoken.io alive. It is a relevant need in the evolution of gaming and a strong use case for decentralization. In the end of 2017 — early 2018, we witnessed a strong influx of user interest in upcoming DApps. We were picturing a similar rapid and massive interest from the community as we are targeting the gaming community: a growing and digitally-native segment who embraces new technologies. We chose not to create social bounties as user engagement is far more valuable to us than a large number of inactive followers.

A working product

So far, we have elaborated a product vision, both from a business and a technical point of view. We have also prepared some high-level wireframes to give you an idea of the experience we intend to put into place.

Now our focus will be directed towards developing a minimum viable product (preferably a minimum lovable product). In the same way as we intend to build dueltoken.io in the foreseeable future, we want this to be a collaborative effort. We will conduct a user story mapping session with the team, publish it online and integrate your feedback. You will help us decide which features should be part of the MVP. We believe that this is the correct approach to get you excited about dueltoken.io and excited about the future of the ecosystem — thus grow an engaged community.


For the time being, we are putting a pause button on the ICO. When the timing is right, when we’ve produced a working MVP and that we have started to build an engaged community, we will propose a new date for the crowdsale. For now, we will focus our time and energy on building the foundations to make this community grow.

We’re always open to listen to your opinions and insights. Either here in the comments, or let’s chat on Discord.