How Might We Ensure Child Safety in Social Situations?


My General Ideas

I included both my ideas and some ideas that were said in class for some inspiration.

New Warm-Up Game

I decided to create a warm up game based on the dreidel game often played during the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. I tried to think of a game that could incorporate rewards so I could put dopamine full food into the game and somehow incorporate improv as well.

In the original game every one starts out with 10–20 pieces of gelt (chocolate coins) and at the beginning every player puts one piece of chocolate in the middle. Depending on what you land on when you spin the dreidel you get or lose your chocolate.

ג — (Gimel)

Original Game: You get all the chocolate in the middle.

נ — (Nun)

Original Game: You don’t do anything.

ש — (Shin)

Original Game: You have to put one piece of your chocolate in the middle.

ה — (He)

Original Game: You get half of the chocolate in the middle.

In my game I keep these things pretty much the same except you have to come up with a story as to why these things are happening and keep going with the other persons story. For example if you role Gimel and get everything in the middle you could start it out by saying “I am taking all the cookies from the cookie jar” or you could say “I made a lot of money from my large investment”

The person who gets nun would say why they got nothing and the person who loses money would say why they did that and so on. The person who gets nun also gets to change the overall story if they want.

Session Organization

I hosted the group at my parents house in our living/dining room.

For my group I used my parents and my parents new best friends. I was supposed to also have their kids come but they were not able to come on the day I had the focus group. And my younger sister refused to help me and my older one had a huge test the next day so she was not able to help me either.

Focus group members:

Jesse| 45 year old, father of 3 girls, ages 28, 19, and 13.

Maria| 51 year old, mother of 3 girls ages 28, 19, and 13.

Ovi| father of 3 boys ages, 19, 24, and 30.

Maria| mother of 3 boys ages, 19, 24, and 30.

Sorting and Voting

We only had time to do one thing of multi-voting so I had them put stars on the ones they found most interesting.

Maria and Ovi know how to speak english but they never learned how to write in english so I said they could write their titles in Spanish. They still made an attempt to write most of them in their best english but the ones they couldn’t do I have the translations written for under the groupings.

40 total ideas. 5 people. 25 minutes. 0.32.

They would get distracted a lot of the times and start telling their stories about their children and I tried to stop it at first but their telling stories led to better ideas…. it didn’t lead to a good IPM but more inspiration.

Keeping Kids In Control and Away From Danger

Survival Clothes


(Bottom Left Translation: Looking for my way)

Tracking and Checking In

(Top Middle Translation: Looking for Alex) (Second Row Far Left Translation: looking for my dog….. it was a joke lol)

Food Survival

(Tortillas for tacos) It’s an invention to have tortillas wherever you go.


Learning thru pain….


Top Ideas

Maria (my mom’s) idea
jesses idea
jesse’s idea
Maria (ovi’s wife) idea
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