Do Something Fun

This weekend I went to visit my best friend from high school at University of Minnesota Rochester. We only planned one thing for the whole weekend and that was for her to give me a tour around the area. Other than that the entire weekend was unplanned. I would say that was specifically for this assignment but really we are just bad at planning things.

Giant Jenga
Corn Hole

After she gave me a tour we were going to go to a Mexican store with some of her friends but they have a festival there just about every weekend and this weekend they had random games you could play right outside of the apartments for an Oktoberfest festival.

We ended up getting distracted by these games and we played giant jenga and corn hole for about an hour before we left to go to the Mexican store.

Going to the Mexican store was very unplanned as well. We just heard from one of her friends that there was a Mexican store nearby so we decided to go and find it.

We also ended up playing a card game called Egyptian Rat Slap and we played Truth or Dare.

Lastly, we had many mini unplanned dance parties.

Mind Map (Image)

Mind Map (Digitization)

(The digital mind map may have more than the paper one because I continued to add onto it as I was copying it)

Suggested Themes

  1. Needles
  • I think this is a worthy area of exploration because needles are very important to health and well- being issues since they are often the way in which medicines are given and a way to help others and give them blood. It solves problems and the needs of others.
  1. Hiking
  • Hiking is a worthy area of exploration because it is both good for health as a way of exercising and good to cope with stress.
  1. Tea
  • Tea is good to explore because tea has many other uses than just being a drink and different types of tea have different effects on the body most of them being healthy things.

10 Silly Ideas

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