I’m With The Banned
Laurie Penny

Oh my god this is amazing. This is everything.

One thing I’d like to add as an excellent reason not to debate this type of troll is that by doing so you lend validity to the truly dangerous and stupid idea he pushes that free speech can only exist in a world where all opinions are equally valid. He’s made his career based on the type of inane self-absorbed thinking that anyone else could neatly debunk in the few hours after waking up at nine Sunday. He’s using a wildly apocryphal definition of free speech that expands free speech to the obligation for paid speaking engagements (I’m being oppressed by every private college who invites a feminist to speak without inviting me!!!), but the major problem is that the idea that all opinions are valid and deserve equal audiences and attention ignores the concept of universal truth. If everyone’s opinion is valid, truth is meaningless, because when two people argue opposing viewpoints, it’s literally impossible for both of them to be right. It’s a contradiction.

And if you acknowledge truth and facts exist, then you have to admit that some people’s opinions are garbage. Milo’s is. So why should we give garbage an equal thoughtful space as if it is a valid viewpoint?

Basically there are infinite reasons not to pay attention to Milo, is what I’m saying.

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