People arguing that body positivity is no longer necessary remind me of white folks who think the solution to racism is ‘colorblindness’

Stay with me here, because I agree with everything leading up to the conclusion: that women’s worth being determined by their physical features and attractiveness is an outdated oppressive social construct, and that a person’s looks have nothing to do with their morals, or character or value.

But we’re still fighting against people who think body positivity is killing women, and that fat girls are a threat to other women simply by existing! We still live in a society with pro-eating disorder blogs, where 75% of the time the responses I get to telling a guy on a dating site that I’m not interested is “you fat bitch you should be grateful”! We’re nowhere near the point where it’s realistic to shift the narrative.

As long as body positivity is still controversial, as long as society keeps profiting from girls self-hatred, and as long as people still actually believe thatlanyone’s definition of ‘attractive’ other than their own is relevant and important, body positivity is not only necessary, it’s crucial.

In the same way that racism isn’t perpetrated by acknowledging the existence of racism, body positivity doesn’t perpetrate oppression by acknowledging that it’s still rampant in today’s society.

Trust me — the reason I fight for body positivity is because if this conversation had existed when I was 14…21…heck, 27 years old, it would have changed my life, and I see no evidence that fatphobia has died off since I was a kid, and it breaks my heart to think of so many girls wasting years hating themselves and having their mental health irreparably damaged based on a lie. It doesn’t have to happen, and therefore it’s my responsibility to do what I can to prevent it from happening. It’s that simple.

I can’t wait until we reach the point where we don’t need body positivity anymore, believe me. But we’re nowhere close.

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