Feminism is basically a giant petulant rage against human nature combined with constant demands for…
Svetlana Voreskova

“Feminism lied to them all along and at some subconscious level they understand that. Feminism encouraged them to turn themselves into bitter, tattooed, blue-haired harpies; shrieking piles of bigotry and anger that no same person wants anything to do with; and now they are realising that that is not a good strategy in terms of attracting a mate or making a family.”

So apparently you can put words in any order you want! Definitions are feminazi SJW oppression!

you are the only one here who seems like a shrieking pile of bigotry and anger, us body positive types are all about loving ourselves and rejecting your bullshit idea that feminism has physical traits (lmao), and that what YOU find attractive is universally attractive.

That’s what makes body positivity glorious! It’s freedom to not give a shit about YOUR opinion on what’s attractive, and instead to focus on MINE! AND MY PARTNERS!

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