Duesday announces partnership with MoneyMatic

Sep 20, 2018 · 3 min read

London (19 September, 2018) — Duesday, the award-winning UK integrated payments provider announced an international partnership with Grupo Hanhei SAPI de CV, trading as MoneyMatic. They are a leading technology consultancy in the payments industry in Mexico. MoneyMatic will distribute and integrate Duesday’s product and services within its home market.

DUESDAY and MoneyMatic first worked together in June to take advantage of the opportunities that the introduction of the ‘Fintech Law’ (la Ley Fintech) had opened up in Mexico. Following three months of intensive planning and development, both companies are starting to reap the rewards of this exciting new joint venture.

Combining MoneyMatic’s in-depth knowledge of the Mexican Payments landscape and Duesday’s know-how and expertise will enable both companies to set a foothold in one of the most exciting markets worldwide.

MoneyMatic quickly identified the product-market fit for Duesday’s novel approach to integrated payments in Mexico. The partnership set its target for new solutions into card-present (EMV) and recurring payments, leveraging the Duesday Platform and added capabilities to deal with reconciliation, fraud and security concerns.

Following today’s announcement, MoneyMatic and Duesday will be unveiling their new distributed POS offerings and a Mexican-focussed version of the Duesday App. With Duesday´s signature modular approach, these solutions will offer features such as top-ups, bill splitting, loyalty, bill scheduling and security enhancements (KYC, SCA).

“We are truly excited to partner with MoneyMatic on this large-scale opportunity, having known their management team for a long time,” said Esteban Diaz Asua, co-founder, and CTO of Duesday. “Duesday will bring revolutionary features and convenience to both consumers and merchants across Mexico.”

MoneyMatic’s CEO Hans Storsberg added “We have been working on new ideas about how to improve the processes around top-up payments for years. This partnership with Duesday now has the potential to make a big positive impact on the way many ordinary Mexicans pay their day-to-day bills in our country.”


Duesday represents a new breed of Integrated Payment Providers that curate the experience from cradle to grave, bringing Paytech into the mainstream of user-centered service providers.

Headquartered in Liskeard, UK, and regulated by the FCA, Duesday’s platform is ready to lead in the new Open Banking era spawned by PSD2 and other international initiatives.

With an indirect sales-channel approach targeted at different verticals such as housing, lifestyle and utilities, Duesday demonstrates an immediate ROI through enhanced and optimised Collections processes without major migration effort.

EMV and recurring payments are the core offering, enriched by modern API/SDK integrations that enable superior UX without forgetting adherence to very strict security standards.

Their very modular approach is complemented by a consumer facing mobile app, which changes the way consumers can pay bills. Bill splitting, loyalty, rescheduling and security enhancements (KYC, SCA) are all facilitated by Duesday’s platform and available off-the-shelf, no need for major development.

About MoneyMatic

MoneyMatic is a leading Technology Consultancy with offices in Mexico City. Led by a strong Management Team with more than 20 years of experience in payments, their know-how has delivered many successes for the main Blue-Chips and Banks in the country over the past decade. Their process flow helping customers since inception with design of the product and service, through development and vendor selection truly differentiates them in the market.

MoneyMatic has been an enabler for the introduction of new technologies and processes in the Mexican market and will continue to be so, being very active in its scouting role and also in finding the fit in an ever-evolving regulatory framework for the solutions it backs.


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