Duesday is on its way to the App Store! 🎉

A big hello 👋 to all Duesday friends. We have some awesome news to share with you. Duesday is on its way to the App Store. Submissions have been made and we are awaiting final approval from Apple. This doesn’t usually take longer than a few days, so get ready or join us to be one of the first to receive Duesday on your phone.

What about Android?

Don’t PANIC, Mr. Man’ring! Our Android version of the app is coming soon and will be well worth the wait. We will be making a separate submission, knowing that almost half of those who have already signed up for Duesday are avid Android users, and we don’t leave our mates behind. If you haven’t read our core values yet then here’s a reminder. It will be well worth the wait, trust us, we’re bill doctors 👩‍⚕️

How much are we talking?

Nothing. Duesday is absolutely free to all! 🎉

We are a core part of the payment network. As payments go through the system, we charge the provider a small fee. That was easy, wasn’t it…

How does Duesday actually work?

Duesday is great for recurring bills! 👍 Our service works by sending you the bill through the Duesday app which you can pay with your chosen payment method. The app also gives you other payment options like splitting bills and choosing your payment date. Pay your bills early or late, it’s up to you. Convenience and transparency is what we like.

How do I sign up?

That’s easy, simply go to duesday.com/get-started and sign up to our early access queue. Remember, if you would like to skip ahead of the queue then simply refer more friends via social media with the unique link we give you. Not only can you jump the queue but you are also rewarded for your efforts with Duros. What are Duros?

Breaking News

“Shortlisted for the ‘Best Customer Facing Experience’ at the EPA Awards 2018. Duesday walks away as ‘highly commended’ with a close second place to £2bn Klarna, a multinational payment provider with 2,000 staff and 13 years of service. Not bad when compared with Duesday and their dedicated team of only 14 coupled with two years in operation. Duesday have caused a ruckus in the industry so early on their journey.” 👉 I want to know more.

Co-founder and CEO Marcus Kern started off successfully and early on, by winning the Cornwall Digital Entrepreneur of the Year award at the respected 2017 Cornwall Live EDGE Awards to highlight and promote Cornwall’s best and brightest digital stars.

Duesday shortly after went on to win the ‘Best Consumer Payments Initiative’ at the PayTech awards 2018. This industry accolade recognises excellence and innovation of IT in the finance and payment industry worldwide. Forging on, Duesday then featured in the Tech Nation 2018 Report, released last month, champions tech entrepreneurs and start-ups through media coverage and growth programme support.


Feedback is what we value. That’s why we have launched our Facebook community. This is just a group where we aim to collect feedback, ideas and also quickly reply to support inquiries. 👊

And lastly, thank you!

Thanks for waiting. We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes; developing, crafting and shaping Duesday for the past few months, but now we are ready to give it to you. The entire team here at Duesday hope this provides real value and brings some peace to your personal finance.

We believe change is afoot and we are on the cusp of a finance revolution, and we are excited for it. 🚀