Day 3 The first song I wrote 6 months ago

The support I have been getting has been awesome. Thank you to everyone who clicks the link and takes the time to read what I read. I am very thankful.

This past week for me has been great, and I want to do everything I can to keep the momentum going. I’m very excited for Nick’s Bachelor party today so I’m squeezing this out right before. To just jump right in, why is probably the most important question to me. What started all of this self reflection, was a simple idea that I had about 5 to 6 years ago. So I want a family with a wife, children, the whole nine. If I do ever have kids, I want to be able to raise my children by example and the most important thing to me is that they are a good person. I didn’t feel that the path that I was on, raising them by example was an option. That’s really it. I was fucking miserable. I didn’t think that I could tell my children they could be whatever they want to be in life, if I didn’t do it myself. This got me to thinking about all of the why’s that I will talk about when I have a bit more time. I think that you need a strong reason for the things that are passionate about, because you will eventually get tested.

I apologize for how rushed that upper section is. Today is more about not breaking the chain of making these than it is getting really deep into my thoughts. That doesn’t mean that what I’m about to talk about isn’t special to me and I hope you enjoy.

— — — — — -

Now for the music stuff!

I’m not going to go too into detail for how it’s made and the decisions I think took. Since it was six months ago, to be frank I don’t really remember.

Here it is. The first song I every thought of six months ago. I need to preface your listen by saying that this is pretty different than the stuff I’m attempting to make now. This isn’t a beat, more of just a small ambient track I thought of while it was raining out. That’ll make more sense when you listen.

There’s no name for the track. It’s saved to my hard drive as “rain.” So I guess that’s what it’s called. I’m also very pumped to have a song on Sound Cloud. How fucking cool?

The whole song

So the song is written completely in Cmajor. This means that it is only the white keys of the piano. This was around the time I was just learning music theory so Cmajor is very straightforward and I didn’t know much else.

The BPM is 82. I chose 82 because the I wanted a slower feel for the song and honestly when I was starting out, I liked messing around with lower BPMs. BPM choice is something that I want to learn about. The only thing that I know about it so far is that certain types of music have staple BPMs, but I feel that if I can learn why, that’s when I’ll be able to use it as a tool.

first 16 bars

The intro comes in and starts with rain and wind sounds. Both of them were made in a synth. This was way before I started learning the basics of sound design, so I winged it for these pretty hard. It’s probably the only part of the song that I liked and would consider reusing in the future.

That section Antarctic Sun section are the chords throughout the song. The first two chords are C7major chords. A Cmajor chord is just C E G, and then a B added at the end.

That third chord looks a little different but it is just an different inversion of the same C7 chord. The C chord at the bottom is just moved up to a higher C on the piano. Nothing fancy there.

Then I did the exact same thing with the E note in the last chord.

Sorry I can’t go into why I did these, since it was so long ago. But it probably is along the lines of it being the only chord I knew.


So the highlighted section is the melody and the image below is the melody itself.

I actually remember how I made this. I took that exact scheme of the C7major chord, and broke it up into something I thought sounded pleasing. That’s really it. I try to take a bit more of a planned approach in the next few tracks I’ll talk about here, but for the sake of going note for note, this is just random placement of notes in the C7major chord.

The drums then come in, but the way that I do drums now is completely different than how these are programmed. I apologize that I can’t go into detail with those, but its a very basic pattern of snare, kick, and 808.

Then the track fades out with the rain again!

That’s pretty much it. There isn’t a ton to this song, and I’m honestly embarrassed to put it out. But everyone starts somewhere. I can promise the next few beats have more thought to them, but you can be the judge of whether or not you like them.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Now to Nick’s Bachelor party!!