Personal Site

Just wanted to show a bit of the work that I’ve done on my personal site. I’m by no means a graphic designer, but I think it could look worse!

placeholder images to get a sense of spacing
some sweet hipster ipsum

(Side Note: If there is anyone out there that would like to give me some advice on the design and layout of the website that would be much appreciated. Contact me in the comments below or if you already know me, message me on facebook.)

What my thoughts are for the website is to have a place for my music, my blog, other content I make, and a place to show my developer work. Things like my resume, code snippets, how the site is written — stuff like that.

The goal is to give someone a feel for me when they get onto the site.

For anyone interested in how the site is created, here’s a list of the frameworks and languages I’m using!

PHP Framework— Laravel 5.4

CSS Framework — Foundation


Plugins(so far) — Owl Carousel

I’ve only put about two hours of work into the site so far so I expect this list to grow, but the site itself doesn’t need to do anything too crazy, so maybe it won’t.

The only thing that I’m unfamiliar with that I’d like for the site to do, is have someone leave a message on the site, and then that message gets sent to my email.

This is a short one today, heading off to PAX, but I’m hoping to have this site down sometime this month if not really early April.


I also have a ton of songs that I’m gonna put on soundcloud once I mix them. I’ve been so much more productive when I produce a bunch of stuff and then mix all of them individually a few days later. I really like not listening to what I made for a few days and really hear what it sounds like.

Music making tip: It’s actually really important to step away from the music you’re making and sleep on it, take a walk, whatever. In music you can do this thing called quantification. What that basically is, is if you’re not is slightly off time, you push a button and it moves it directly on time.

Why this can be a bad thing, is because if you are listening to the same thing over and over again, you’re brain will actually do this itself and it will fix the little missteps on its own and you’re song will actually sound better to you in the moment.

Don’t stop dreaming everyone!