Is it to late to buy and invest in Crypto ?

Francine Duguay
2 min readApr 5, 2023

Here is the truth; Bitcoin is still in its infancy, just trying to find its feet. The time is now.

No, you aren’t too late. Yes, Bitcoin is here to stay– and it’s growing stronger every day. At this point, you’re probably wondering if investing in cryptocurrencies is a good idea. Are you too late to the game to win big? That’s easy; there’s no better time than now to get started.

Another vital factor to consider when debating whether or not it’s too late to buy Bitcoin is where to buy bitcoin, As an elder trader who has been involved in the cryptocurrency space for the last couple of years, I always recommend OKEx exchange as the most convenient and easy platform to do so.

One of the interesting fact about bitcoin that has attracted many is that it’s decentralized, and this makes it impossible to shut down. To end bitcoin, someone will have to shut down the entire internet around the world, and that’s just not going to happen. That is another reason that makes bitcoin even more special.

Many people around the world continue to speculate about the future of bitcoin. Lol, I am a strong believer of the future of bitcoin. You should not worry, bitcoin is just getting started.

As for now, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still uncontrolled by governments. Cryptocurrencies are becoming part of the financial system, and more consumers are learning about them. There will likely undergo more financial regulation in the future, but for now, let’s join and enjoy the party, cryptocurrencies are largely unregulated and open for investments.

Let’s all agree that Bitcoins is limited by design. It’s almost a decade now since Bitcoin was created. Currently, every 10 minutes, 25 Bitcoins are created. By 2140, all 21 million Bitcoins will be mined. Scarcity drives up demand, and the scarcity of many cryptocurrencies is increasing. So, now is a good time to buy some. There are still available coins to be spoken for.

The opportunity to invest in Bitcoin grows smaller and smaller as mined coins and prices increase. However, the chance to invest in other cryptocurrencies is growing. Of course, like any new technology, this space has some limitations that make investing somewhat risky. The foundations that have driven Bitcoin’s increasing value over the last decade still exist and gives us all the reasons why now may be the time to invest.