That’s all nice and good but I don’t see compressed PNG size as being that big of a deal.

The perspective I keep is that there’s still a huge number of users out there on 2G connections, and on metered plans. They have to pay for every bit they download, so, if I’m shipping a bloated APK, I’m forcing my users to pay for it. :( So it’s not just games, but every app that should worry about this.

And wrt PNGs, A little bloat across a lot of files adds up! I opened one APK last week, that had 1000+ PNG files in it. Each one was bloated by about 23%-40%; Removing the bloat cut the APK size by 30%. And this was in the APK segmented for my device resolution :\

Also, don’t forget about the tragedy of the commons. If a user has 20 apps on their phone, and each one is “adding a few MB here and there”, it ends up adding to a significant issue on lower storage devices. In many cases, this is an issue w/ user retention; You don’t want to be the one the user uninstalls to make room for the new app.

And COMPLETELY agree that in-memory size is a huge deal. There’s some APP videos where I talk about that more.