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You’re assuming that arrest rates among black folks and white folks are equitable.

Did you listen to the podcast?

In it, career law enforcement officers Sue Rahr and Adrian Diaz talk about the inequity in where officers focus most of their time policing — mostly among low income, brown and black neighborhoods. That coupled with the primary metric by which the efficacy of officers are most judged — number of arrests — leads to disproportionate number of black and brown folks apprehended, arrested, shot, and/or killed.

Here are a couple reports from a cursory google search that corroborate the testimony provided by these experts (again, career law enforcement officers):

I’d add to all of this that in the US, there are more black folks in prison than white folks — despite being out-represented 1:5 in the general population. Per the US DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics (see chart below): the prison population is comprised of 39% white folks (despite making up 64% of the total US population) and 40% black folks (despite making up just 13% of the total US population).

Given this information, would your position be that black folks are 600% more likely to commit crimes than their white counterparts? Or do you suppose that the systems in place discriminatorilyy ensure the disproportionate incarceration and state killings of black folks?