Ali and Me — Multicultural can enriched one’s journey [This is HK Film]

This is HK Film
Feb 9, 2018 · 2 min read

In the world full of bigotry and racists, it’s hard to get a peace of mind when tapping into our social media. Human do not do well when facing differences. When things are outside their comfort zone, they tend to armour themselves. This is make sense as that’s how our instinct buildup during the hunting era of human. In the 21st century, hunting is not required for human to survive anymore. And one of greatest threats of human survival is human. While putting down armours seems impossible, we can try stepping out from our comfort zone to another’s. Try to understand and respect each other’s differences. This is exactly the message this film <Ali and Me> wants to bring up.

Although Hong Kong does have lots of people from different ethnic cultures, they are not as embrace as what we have in Canada. The direct, Lam Ting-hin, wanted to raise awareness on the issue of minority and racist by showing us how multicultural can benefit ourselves.

In the sea of monster parenting in Hong Kong, it seems there is no way out. In the film, Kwan have stepped into life of Ali. With different cultural background, interest and dream, Kwan’s eye is wide opened. This changes his own interpretation of dream chasing. Multiculturalism allow us to see things differently and comprehensively.

Multicultural is like a weaved fabric. How to make use of the fabric is totally up to oneself.

The film will be screened during “This is HK Film Festival” on Feb 25, 2018, 6:00pm at John Dutton Theatre (Calgary Central Library). This is a free event, come to our FB Event page to register. For more info, go to

FB event page:


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