Angela — A traditional laundry place filmed in the utmost aesthetic way [This is HK Film Festival]

Hong Kong’s laundry place is quite different from North American’s. Instead of coin laundry, Hong Kong’s provide full services for all needs. The store front is usually very small, just enough for customer to carry in the dirty clothing. Inside the shop, it’s even smaller, due to size of commercial washing and drying machine, and bags of clothing, as customers don’t usually pick up right away. And over 95% of the film <Angela> happened inside this small laundry place. I would imagine it’s even difficult for the director, Sheung-Shing CHAN, to film this short due to limited space. This film will show the audience the inside story of a laundry place, something even the locals are unknown of. The director try to use the surrounding light when it can, instead of adding artifactual lights (ie/ the fire from natural gas dryer). The tone and mood reminds me of the world-renowned director, Wong Kar-Wai, who just received Lumiere Award last year.

<Angela> has several faces to the story. A puppy love grows from strangers; The clashes of two very different ideology; The internal struggle of a broken and abused family. It’s hard to imagine the same setting, a laundry place, is used as an analogy to resolve all three conflicts of the story. Well, to be fair, the laundry place is owned by the director’s grand father. And it is where he hangs out in his early childhood. This is also why he is able to fold several sides in the same film. No wonder the film earned the Best Creativity in one of Hong Kong’s top short film festival. As one of the judge mentioned, the film’s settings opened eyes to the western world. It’s amazing.

With beautiful colour in the scene, the artsy tone and intimate mood setting, the film <Angela> will definitely not makes you dry ;)

The film will be screened during “This is HK Film Festival” on Feb 25, 2018, 6:00pm at John Dutton Theatre (Calgary Central Library). This is a free event, come to our FB Event page to register. For more info, go to

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