No post on Sunday

Photo by Stuart Brown on Unsplash

Gorgeous picture hey? Today’s Monday, I’m busy working. Bills and all that.

Yesterday was Sunday. I was in a great place would have been an amazing state of mind to sit and write. I really was flying high emotionally, but I long ago set aside Sunday for family and house and kids and stuff.

So working was a non-starter. I had so much to do, but what’s the point of working 7 days a week only to lose touch with my kids and wife? We’re all usually home on Sunday and yesterday was no exception. Now, when we can manage it with five kids and a woman who’s battling all kinds of auto-immune type stuff (excessive inflammation is the least of the issues she faces), we try to make it to church. Even when not managing church, it’s a no-starter to ty to work on Sundays. The Lord’s day and all that if you’re so inclined to think of it that way.

I am an accountant, a bookkeeper, a contract manager, and a writer (of four different stripes, so yeah), I already do so very much that I feel burnt out. I guess this is my way of excusing my absences. Regardless. This week is insanely busy from a real-world job standpoint, so I am not sure how much I’m going to get done here on Medium or on the other blogs I maintain. Too much real world fun to truly get time in my own head to be a writer.

I’ll do what I can. It’s back to school season soon so there’ that to look forward to. Wish me luck.