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Timelord Fanfic- The Writer -2

An exercise in fantasy, playing in the world of the doctor…

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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The Writer shifted, fidgeting with his tie. Wait, why was he wearing a tie? A bow tie? GAH! He felt like he was being strangled as he contemplated it. His eyes widened, and his breathing quickened. He tried to calm himself as his fingers traced the knot of the bow-tie and started to unravel the rather simple knot. Hitting a snag and the knot tightened, his self control slipped.

He noticed Nicole move towards him. His breath caught, she was holding out a pair of small scissors, handle first. Mastering his trembling fingers, he reached out gratefully, taking the scissors and cutting the band of the tie and drawing a full deep breath.

Then he ran a hand through his hair. Hair! He had a full head of long hair. He lurched back to his console, darted left, around the viewer, catching and tearing his cuff on the raised edge of something. Finally; the mirror, he pulled it down. He had long brown wavy hair, like a model, his face, a slight stubble along the strong square jaw, dimples, and ice blue eyes. Ears? He reached into the long hair, looking for ears. Yes, there they were, smaller than before, he thanked the universe for small blessings.

Turning around, he slid to the floor, knees to his chest, with his back against the console. He noted absently that Nicole had moved around the control room and was now seated, on the floor like he was, against the outer rail, watching him. He put both hands to his full head of hair, it’d been so long since he had hair.

He just couldn’t stop himself running his fingers along his scalp.

“Not bad for a guy rounding up on seven hundred now am I?” He grinned wryly.

He noticed that Nicole blushed slightly at his comment and his frank open look at her.

Something else was different… What was it?

He couldn’t quite place it. Shrugging a mental shrug, he figured it would come back to him sooner or later.

“Ok, when to now? Almost anything can be re-written, what story do we want to visit next?”