Top tools to increase productivity for Event Organisers

Managing events is a lot of fun! It is one of the most vibrant markets and businesses out there, which means you can either love it or well, hate it. However, I believe that there is only one step from hate to love — planning! Last time we have touched a few points on planning in our first blog post, however, I would like to make this simple check list of available tools for event organisers to keep handy when managing an event. Sometimes the simplest truths can be forgotten in the midst of a hectic event management process. That’s when “#%&@” hits the fan and you need to pull yourself together and maintain the direction of the event and your staff. In this article I would like to share a few tools we use in both Event organising and creation of Stepsi.

How to increase productivity by using available tools

As I have already posted in the previous blog post, me and my family have been organising successful international events in Europe, Middle East and will now have another addition in Asia. All completely different markets with different people, traditions and even different business perspectives. It’s ok. We see it all as a challenge. We have grown so fast that it takes time to get used to all these changes. However, we have planned for it from the beginning of our first event and created our own internal system which can scale and help us keep focused on what matters to us the most: our customers/clients. Here is a shortlist of tools which I think each organiser can use and increase their productivity to better manage their events:

1. Slack — A communication platform for you and your team completely free of charge

2. Asana — Task management platform for you and your team completely free of charge

3. Email — A natural addition. Email is still the most used tool by far by companies around the world

4. Stepsi — We are launching Stepsi to help organisers just like you to help with Participant registration, Participant management & financial data control

5. Buffer — If you are using social media as one of your channels (if not you need to start yesterday!) this app will make your life a lot easier.

6. — A community for marketeers of the new age!

7. Event Manager Blog — Nr.1 blog for #eventprofs around the world

8. Event professional community on twitter — #eventprofs

Create a Scalable Event Management process by using available online tools

So you have set the event date, the venue is sorted, first few contracts are signed and you are ready to dig in. Hold your horses! Firstly, you should focus on your Event Management processes for this event and others to come in the future. This is the time to set the event plan in motion for you and your staff. Believe me, this is the most crucial moment and it is easier to do in the beginning than ignore it and try to pull a “holy Mary” later on when you will have much more on your plate. Give yourself a few days to draft a roadmap into the future. Think about how your event will turn out and what tools you need to help you on the way.

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