What can climate change do on us?(1)

Last week, we talked about what can cause climate change. Hope, that blog helped you to arise your attention about climate change issue.According to the Noel T. Brewer and his colleagues research related to human behavior, human tends to change their behavior when they perceive the riskiness of situation(Brewer and et al., 2004). So, I believe discussing about the possible effects of climate change will help us to arise our awareness about climate change. Therefore, let’s look for the possible effects that climate change can do to us.

Climate change can effects us in various ways, but let’s look for 3 possible ways for today. First of all, climate change can affect our health. According to study of Ichiro Kurane, the higher temperature rises, the probability of heat-shock also increases (Kurane, 2009). In other words, if climate change increases the temperature of certain area, then we will have more heat-shock cases in that area. Therefore, we will probably see more heat shock cases these days due to global warming. In addition to heat shock, Dengue Fever and Malaria are also expected to increase due to climate change(Kurane, 2009). Unfortunately, these are not the only disease we will face as a result of climate change. There might be other unpredicted disease, if we don’t act right now. So, we should aware of climate change

Secondly, climate change can affect our food supply. It is well known to us that crops and fruits are grown under specific conditions. That is the reason why we can see some foods in one country but we can’t see it in the other one. It is all due to climate. Therefore, if climate changes, it may affect growth of crops and fruits. As a result, we will have reduced crops and fruits production. Some might insist, that crops and fruits will adapt to the climate and it will be fine. Yeah, it can is possible. What if crops and fruits fail to adapt? then they will extinct. Therefore, climate change is more likely to reduce our food supply.

Lastly, it will eventually threaten our survival. Earth is consist of various creatures and somehow they are all inter-related. Sometimes one creature is food for the others, and other times two or more creatures help each other for their survivals. Likewise, all the creatures are living along with each other in the earth.It applies to human as well. If you look back the history about creatures in the earth, then you will realize one thing. One creatures extinction can also cause the other ones extinction. Unfortunately, we already lost one of creatures due to the climate change. It is true that recently extinct creature will not significantly affect our survival. However, If we consider about the history of creatures in earth, we cannot guarantee our survival. Extinction of recent creature will affect another one. And another one will affect the other one. Likewise, eventually it will come up to human beings survival. Therefore, climate change can affect our survival.

So far, we talked about possible effects that climate change can cause on us. There might be other a lot of other things, it can cause on us. But, I think above 3 are significant enough why we should care about climate change. If you have any other causes that it can affect on us, feel free to share your information on comment. Hope my blog enlarged your knowledge about climate change. I think I’m done for this week. See you next week~ Bye~!

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