As the genre ages, it’s message gets more and more relevant

Courtesy: The Script Lab

Most people don’t think of Jake Gittes as a hero. The protagonist from the film Chinatown has been popularized as a victim of his ego and a self-indulgent sponge of excess. And, to a certain extent, I would agree with this sentiment. However, when looked at as a parallel to our current society, he and many other private eyes from the ’40s, 50’s, ’60s, and early 70’s might suggest the contrary.

You see, what Jake and many other protagonists of his era have in common, is that they’ve all been nurtured by their nature. …

Time-inversion, spies, and a global pandemic

John David Washington and Robert Pattinson in ‘Tenet’

Christopher Nolan wants you to die.

For the better part of four months, that has been the running headline. Both Warner Brothers and the esteemed auteur himself have an undesirable desire to sacrifice today’s COVID-induced audience to the depths of current cinematic treachery: the movie theaters.

Nolan, for the past few months, has spoken at length about his intentions regarding Tenet’s release. After Warner Brothers argued in favor of a furthered delay, Chris Nolan refused to give up his Summer 2020 slot. …

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