January 16, 2020–10AM
77 Massachusetts Ave #3 Floor

Presented by Dulce Baerga — @dulce303

History of WebXR & The Immersive Web
WebVR (2014) + WebAR (2017) = WebXR (2019)

  • 2014 — Mozilla release a version of Firefox built with WebVR abilities viewable through the Oculus Rift VR System.
  • 2014–2016 — MozVR.com expanded out through different Chromium builds and across different supported devices like Google cardboard, all mobile devices running the minimal required OS, and other VR headsets.
  • 2017 —…

(With a bonus learning: Taking a raster image and converting it to a vector graphic in illustrator.)

3D Facebook Post Made With .glb file

Raster Image Converted To Vector Graphic

  1. Download this zip file and extract it onto a hard drive, svg to glTF pipeline.
  2. Open a new Illustrator file and then place the generic-logo.png …

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