Small Town Living…. Big City Dreams

I live in a very small town. I have lived in big cities before as a child but not as a grown adult. I do not mean to offend people that live in small towns at all because that surely is not my intention. I am pretty straightforward with my thoughts and perspectives but I am also understanding of others ideas and practices. I am writing this blog for a personal purpose rather than a professional one. I believe I have become frustrated with the ideals that come with living in a small town. Usually I am not bothered by the gossip, lies, or any unnecessary drama that involves other people from this town because they are bored with their lives. Lately, I have become very annoyed and overwhelmed with the people from my small town. I will be venting my frustration and perhaps after venting I may look back at this blog and realize that it is not so bad and that I am just frustrated and need to go out for a drink.

Alright so where to begin, I will start with explaining that I live by my own rules and perspectives. I am not closed minded and I am always up for conversing about anything and everything with other curious souls. I have lived in this small town for 8 years now and I knew that people here were very calm and hardly traveled anywhere. The closest mall to our town is an hour away and we are about 3 hours away from the big city. Once I graduated from high school I went to college and have been working full time. With any spare time and money of course I like to go out and enjoy museums, concerts, new cities, visit my family in Mexico, and travel to new lakes or rivers that I have not been to. I like to travel and I like to learn new things about everything that may spark my curiosity. If I feel bored and I have the money, why not go out and enjoy myself? I have a mortgage (house) so no I do not live with my mommy and daddy. I am a responsible adult.

Recently I have been told that I am “crazy” and “wild” because I am never home and because I am always “partying”. At first when I heard this I honestly was not mad, I was annoyed, yes, but I was not mad. After hearing people ask me what I did over the summer or over spring break I answer truthfully, I went to a new lake or I floated the river. Usually people see the pictures my friends post on Facebook so people know that I was out and about so I cannot really lie and honestly I do not want to lie about what I do for fun if I am not doing anything wrong.

I have become extremely frustrated with everyone in this town because now people who I do not even know or spoken to, tell other people not to associate themselves with me because I am “crazy”. So I am crazy because I like to travel? I am crazy because I like to go to concerts? I am crazy because I like to go to the Fucking River? Seriously? I am so done with this town. I cannot handle it. I know you might be thinking, why don’t you just move? Yes, I am in the works of moving from this shitty town, I just wanted to share my experience and see if other people relate to what I have to go through.

I also get frustrated when people tell me, “wow, I wish I could travel the way you do!” I mean seriously? I do not travel to awesome places like France and Italy because I cannot afford it BUT I can afford to go to a fucking river that is 2 hours away. All you need is gas and food. I do not like when people make me look like I am some kind of goddess that has a privilege to travel. I handle my business first before I indulge in traveling. Small towns have a bad habit of looking at others and pointing fingers before looking at themselves in the mirror. I am not saying that living in a small town is a bad thing and I am not trying to say that all small towns are like mine, I am just expressing the frustration that comes from being a woman that likes to travel in my town. As soon as I earn my degree from my university I will moving to the big city that is 3 hours away and hopefully people there are a bit more open minded. If not, well, I guess I will be writing a future blog about Big city small town dreams who knows…

Thank you for reading!

Dulce Amarga.

Originally published at on August 16, 2016.