Personal Energy management

I have come across this new concept of figuring out the level of energy I am having at any given moment. The energies can be divided into Alpha & Beta levels.

Alpha energy

Have you had that moment when you are in the zone and only concentrate on one idea? That’s called Alpha level energy. Alpha level energy allows one to be focused on a single idea and actively anchor every input towards that idea.

Beta energy

Sometimes you feel very distracted? You would look at your phone's notification screen or scroll through Facebook collecting a lot of information. This is your beta energy. At this point, you are distracted. You are eating information out and craves for more information. You won’t be able to think through a problem in beta energy. Beta energy is very useful when you want to distract and collect ideas. It’s good for networking and socializing with people. Beta energy state also allows the human persona to be unrestricted and to run in all directions. This contributes to the overall creativity of the mind.

Last year April (2014), I wrote a blog Reactive living and the gist of that was about how to make active distractions in life. But since then, I have changed my focus to energy groups and levels. Human nature oscillates between Alpha and Beta energy levels. If you consider it when you are planning the day, it would help you out to finish your tasks productively.

So peeps, stay focus and handle distractions!
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