Red, Green and Orange!

First of all, I appreciate it when you brought the logical points to the table. Let me answer your logical points here and I’ll also list down the reasons why I believe MY3 is not suitable to be the President of Sri Lanka right now in a different post. Also I would like to say this — I don’t say that MR is 100% right as well. What I am saying is that — we have to look at political problems with black, white and gray rather than simply casting it to black or white.

I am not explicitly revealing the person whom I am communicating to because he has mentioned that he doesn’t want to be publicized.

Economic Development

Well you brought below points to the conversation -

  • Constructions
  • Defense budget

Infrastructure is needed to support economic development of a country like Sri Lanka. I disagree upon your point of development. Development doesn’t happen over night — no in 5 years. It takes a plan and rut work of more than 15 years.

We haven’t had any significant developments for the past 30 years. Below are a list of major developments

There are many other developments we had but I cannot find a source to give all the information. Also there is a ridiculous shit post published by ColomboGazette on the income of MRIA which has twisted the facts and the figures. Please watch the youtube video link I have pointed out. Another important note is that- Airline industry is the lowest performing industry on average — please refer to the economist on this fact. I don’t think I have to give reasons for the state highways. We can travel to Galle in never before speed. Only personal problem I have is the speed limit — we can make it 12okmh.

Next point you brought forward is the defense budget — Please look at the correct facts on this. The budget for defense has been reduced from 5.5% to 3%. Defense and Urban development are going hand in hand because ultimately defense ministry has done a great job on urban developments. Please revisit the facts on this. I don’t know about others — I’d like our country to look like Singapore after development rather than becoming a concrete jungle like LA or New York.

Now comes your point of exports and GDP — please find the factual data. I also did a comparison with our stats with Singapore stats (our competitors I would say)- I can see that we are going on the same track as they went earlier. I may not have a complete and full understanding of the economic importance of them — I’ll let an economist review them.

Dissolving LTTE

I completely disagree that SF is responsible for the winning of the war. If at all from that front — I believe we need to salute the men and women who were fighting on the war front, people who lost limbs and arms and snipers who stay put for days in same position.

Let’s not kid ourselves — modern warfare is a not won in the battlefield

It’s completely different from taking a gun and running to the battle field or giving instructions to platoons. A war is about — achieving specific political objectives (not military ones). War is means to an end. Sun Tzu (great military mind) knew it even better — please watch this documentary on it.

That’s the reason why I state that MR and Gota should be respected on this regards. They took the decision, stood by the decision, and made it work. How? They found the resources, the international allies, the correct military commanders.

Also for all the folks out their that believes that terrorism is over — please remember this. Terrorism is nothing but a business. There are many countries that have their whole economy based on military equipments — terrorism is far from over. In my humble opinion — the war against terrorism just began.

After couple of trips around the world — I understood the general idea people have of our country and terrorism. We’ll have to change that in order to win the war (the political objective).


Well this is something we certainly need to improve. But I’ll also mention this — some people state ridiculous arguments and twist stats for their self interests. I am fine with this — after all everyone is selfish. I believe we have to foster democracy more than anything. I also believe Sri Lanka has the potential to be the most democratic country in the world (Idealism ☺ ).

As for Hirunika’s case — I believe she exploited democracy. Please listen to Dayan Jayatilleka on this fact where ministers change sides as if they are ante in a poker game. Not just her- any minister who change sides is going against democracy itself. Take this for an example- group A appoints X to the parliament. X is representation of group A in parliament. X moves to group B. Democracy hijacked!

I shall not respond to your personal remark or comments on stereotypes. Because I firmly believe — Political arguments should be separated from personal bullshit.

Then comes a certain humane talk—

I personally never cared a jacks ass about politics

I also had the idea of moving out of the country and living somewhere else peacefully with a family and children. I am jealous of Americans who goes around and say to the world — “I am an American!” cause they goddamn earned it and put democracy in the forefront.

But after travelling for a while- I figured — I also want to say to the world and strangers I meet — “I am Sri Lankan!” and they would know — that I come from a country that rebuilt itself from the ground up and represents the pinnacle of democracy, valley of technological advancements and a land of peaceful humane people! I understand that I might be too much of an idealist but tell me a country that was built or changed by realists?

This might be the reason why I voice out political opinions now— I want to be at least a little of red, green and orange and maybe roar like a lion!