Story of Magic 🔮

We started working on the product concept for alakazam with a simple statement. Making sales happen like magic. Our goal was to demystify the complexity around marketing and sales and lay down a map for a marketer to follow.

There are quite a lot of marketing automation, marketing tools. And a lot of blogs on marketing. But still capturing the essence of marketing and sales and delivering that packaged in a tool is missing. Most of the tools focus on delivering one particular piece and they don’t take the holistic picture into account.

Our journey to build alakazam, has provided us the opportunity to simplify marketing and sales and build a unified framework for growth. This meant dissecting and reasoning down the old theories and ideas on how growth works.

Wizards behind alakazam

The founding team of alakazam includes bunch of crazy folks who thinks they can change the way a whole industry operates and understand itself. From the far left we have, Ragularuban (Ruban), our CTO, Dulitha, CEO, and Bhanuka, CMO, following rest of the team.

First up, we’ll start our journey with understanding what is growth and why growth is needed.

alakazam product is currently in private beta. If you are a solo entrepreneur starting up a venture and would like to get more customers, let us know. You will be the very first to try out alakazam 🙌

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