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Anti-gun dishonesty on display

I just saw a post where someone was trying to preach against the Second Amendment and gun rights by pointing out bad things which were “legal” when the Second Amendment was written.

Apparently he forgot the other amendments were written at the same time.

The dishonesty in that post is overwhelming.

You could just as easily say the same about the First Amendment (or any of the other first ten amendments). And then claim only quill and ink, long-hand on parchment, or non-mechanized printing presses are included in your right to write and publish. And that would be just as dishonest. The internet wasn’t invented yet, however since the Bill of Rights doesn’t “give” any rights, but warns government of things that are off-limits for its “laws”, it makes no difference.

Wrong has always been wrong. Whether it is “legal” makes zero difference ethically.

Murder is still wrong but is “legal” if you call it war or “capital punishment” or if a cop “fears for his safety”.

Using physical force against someone who is neither violating private property nor using physical force against another is wrong. It’s still wrong even if you call it “The War on (politically incorrect) Drugs”, or an arrest (kidnapping) for not having a license or some other counterfeit “crime”.

Slavery is still wrong, unless you expand it to include everyone and call it “national security”, “gun control”, “public schooling” or some other nonsense.

And “child labor” laws weren’t a net positive at all. To believe they were you’d have to overlook how the lives of many children were improved by allowing them to take a paying job instead of working long, unpaid hours on the farm, doing things much more likely to cost life and limb. Now, without the horrors of “child labor” we have generations of young people who feel they have no place in the world, so they turn to crime, sex, drugs, and advocating for more slavery (they call it “common sense gun laws”) to feel a sense of purpose. It is devastating to society because it is devastating to these young people, individually.

Anti-gun bigots don’t understand what they are advocating, and it’s apparently due to an elitist ignorance about history and human nature, as well as a determination to not understand what rights are, and where they come from. (They aren’t privileges and don’t come from government, and government can’t grant or rescind them.)

Go ahead and repeal the Second Amendment if it gives you the vapors. The right to own and to carry weapons won’t go away. Even the authors of the Constitution recognized that this right (and all other natural human rights) didn’t hinge on government permission, but predated the very first government and will continue to exist unchanged long after the final government is forgotten in the mists of deep time. But realize that the Constitution depends on the Bill of Rights — the whole thing. Without a guarantee that certain things would be placed outside the reach of government, the Constitution wouldn’t have been ratified. It was a package deal. You get rid of one of the first ten amendments and the deal is off. The pretense ends and the gloves come off. Is that what you want? I’m OK with that.

Your move.


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