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Common sense gun laws

What would common sense gun laws look like?

They would look like this:

-Don’t harm the innocent or their property.
-Don’t threaten to harm the innocent or their property.

You’ll notice guns aren’t mentioned in those suggestions. You’ll probably also notice those laws already exist and are enforced (unless the person violating them is an armed government employee, i.e. cop, of course).

That’s because it’s not about guns. It’s about acts. All other gun laws are nonsense gun “laws”, rather than “common sense” — and they would make YOU and your children less safe.

I’ll ignore the inconvenient fact that there are only two kinds of law: the unnecessary and the harmful. Let’s just consider these common sense gun laws.

If those laws don’t solve the problem, how do you expect other laws to fix it? Isn’t the definition of criminal “a person who breaks laws”? Do you believe if he won’t obey a law against killing he’ll obey one concerned with owning or carrying a gun?

You have a responsibility to not harm innocent people or their property. Anything else is just a useless (or worse) distraction. Those advocating any “law” beyond that are your enemy and are just doing so for political reasons. They want to be able to do things to you that you could prevent if you had a gun. No one who wants anti-gun “laws” is on your side. Not one.