Kids love Glensheen. Seriously.

Dan Hartman
Jan 29 · 3 min read

Glensheen — your new family friendly museum destination.

Ok. He doesn’t know the word, astonishing. But if he did. He would agree.

Really? Glensheen is now family friendly?


1. Glensheen’s main tour is now self-guided year round.

  • New Interpretative signs in every room
  • New Glensheen APP with more information and an audio tour
  • Now you can leave the tour, go the bathroom, and come back on the tour
  • You can go as slow as you want or as fast.
  • You can take the time to take that great family photo…or that terrible one you will make fun of later.
New Glensheen APP
Glensheen APP comes with audio tour

The Self-Guided tour makes Glensheen more accessible to all members of the family from young to old. Instead of being locked into a large guided tour, guests on our main tour can explore Glensheen on their own, in any direction they want, as long as they want. So if you are bringing your family to Glensheen and one of your little ones, needs to use the bathroom, you can come and go at your leisure.

Say you want to take a family photo in front of the living room fireplace….no problem. Happens all the time.

Pretend your family or friends are in front of the fireplace.

How do we learn on the self-guided tour…

In every room we have created 6ft tall signs with information about every room on the tour. Plus on the signs we have enlarged photos from what the room looked like in 1910. Which personally is my favorite thing to study.

2. Glensheen is now thinking about all of its visitors, including toddlers

  • For example our bathrooms have family friendly changing tables
  • Our bathrooms even have stepping stools for younger kids
Changing tables come extra diapers and wipes
Step stools have been provided to help your young ones.

It should have been obvious to me a few years ago, but our bathrooms were the standard museum bathroom. We had the pull down from the wall changing table and the sinks that were too high for kids to reach…

We went to Target and bought a couple of normal changing tables for the Men’s and Women’s bathrooms. These tables have shelves and on the shelves are extra diapers and wipes. Because we know, sometimes you forget. We also have purchased a few stepping stools so that kids can better reach the sink as they try and clean themselves.

3. Treasure Book for kids — a revolutionary new educational tool for kids

So the biggest educational change of the last few years has been the addition of the Treasure Book. This small $1 item creates Glensheen into a large Ispy game for kids of all ages.. and some adults. The booklet starts at the reception room and slowly walks you through the entire classic tour of Glensheen.

In each room it asks the treasure seeker to find two historic items per room. It then gives a brief description of each. It is our sneaky way of educating. This more than any other of our changes has revolutionized the family’s experience of Glensheen for the better. Kids now are locked into the search, while the parents and/or grandparents get to enjoy Glensheen on their own.

Dan Hartman

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Love the outdoors, good museums, good movies and oh yeah...good public policy.

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