3 Most Effective Ways to Get Whiter Teeth Naturally at Home

For the appearance, the perfect smile is very important. You spend loads of money in treating your hair, looking after your skin. But, if the teeth are not shiny white, bright and dazzling, the entire look will be wasted. Hence, you need to make sure that your teeth do not have any stains or that they are not discoloured. But for that, you do not have to spend thousands of money in buying the over-the-counter medicines or even in having the teeth whitened by a teeth whitening professional in London, by undergoing some technological treatment. You can try the natural teeth whitening products that will effectively help you in making your teeth whiter by some shades.

Why your teeth become stained and discoloured?

Yellowing of teeth is a common problem that many people face. It can be due to some internal health problems or due to external factors such as food and drinks. As you drink coloured beverages, your teeth become stained, or if the food debris are stuck in between the teeth gaps, it too can leave the stains.

The mechanism behind this is that the colour of the dental structure changes. The outer layer of the teeth, namely the enamel, is stained very easily. However, there are cases in which, if the enamel is not stained, it is actually damaged and broken. As a result, the yellow dentin portion underneath the enamel is actually exposed, making the teeth appear yellow. In either case, you need to choose the best teeth whitening procedures for yellow teeth, so that the enamel is whitened and it is repaired, covering the dentin.

Useful natural remedies for teeth whitening:

1. Use a paste of baking soda and lemon juice:

You need to make a paste with a good quantity of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate and a required amount of lemon juice, so that the paste is thick. Baking soda is mildly abrasive that can remove the stains from teeth. Wipe the saliva from mouth with a paper tissue and apply the paste with a tooth brush. You need to leave the paste on teeth for about a minute and then rinse it thoroughly, so that the acid in lemon juice does not damage the enamel. If you are not using lemon juice, but normal water to make the paste, you can leave the paste for about 3 minutes.

2. Make a scrub with salt, strawberry and baking soda:

Rich in vitamin C and malic acid, strawberries can effectively remove the stains and plaques from teeth. Make a mixture with some fresh strawberry pulp, some sea salt and baking soda, to make it a little more abrasive. Apply this on teeth after wiping the mouth with paper tissue for removing the extra saliva. After 5 minutes, the mouth should be rinsed. This should be done daily for maximum results.

3. Rub coconut oil:

This is unique, but very helpful. Taking a scoop of coconut oil and rubbing it on the teeth before brushing is very useful as the lauric acid in coconut will stop the bacteria in mouth from converting into plaque. It will keep your breath fresh and it is a great way to keep your teeth clean all day.