Magical Mutts Litepaper

5 min readApr 24, 2022


Henlo, wizards! Hope you’re having an amazing day and thank you for being here!

We’ve got A LOT going on with our new Magical Mutts NFT Collection, so we wanted to put everything down so everyone could fully understand what we have been building.

The purpose of this collection is to raise funds for our DAO. When our DAO profits, our members profit, so we will be using the funds to create various revenue streams within the NFT ecosystem. As mentioned in our prior article, the goal with our DAO from the beginning was to add as much value to our community as possible, so 10% of our mint will be redistributed to all $DUMBLE holders.

The Basics

  • Wen Mint — June
  • How Many NFTs? — 4,444
  • Cost? — $299 (Wand List) $349 Public Mint
  • How Many? 10 max per wallet
  • What Blockchain? ETH
  • How to Get Whitelist? — Help us grow on Twitter. When discord opens, we will do small/easy contests to find out who likes the project the most. Those who are committed, will get their Wand!

What Makes Magical Mutts Different?

Before we get too far, let's go over the current state of the NFT Market… A few months ago, you could slap any squiggle onto a canvas, pay an influencer, and get instantly rich. There were dozens of TikTok videos of college dropouts talking about “the formula” to pay $15,000 for cheap art/dev/marketing, and then they would be able to mint out on a $1M collection. Kudos to them, but sadly, that “formula” has gone fully mainstream, and after countless rugs, influencer scams, and false promises, the market is starting to get wise.

Gone are the days of being able to hype up pointless JPEGs to a 2 ETH floor with little to no effort. This day and age, you need to have something else you bring to the table… You need to have an edge.

For this reason, we have been incredibly thoughtful about this collection, so we’re throwing the farm at this. With Magical Mutts, you’re going to be tapping into a collection that really does have a bit of everything!

  • Augmented Reality
  • Physical Art Pieces
  • PFPs
  • Crypto Art
  • Membership
  • and even Passive Income!

Augmented Reality

We have partnered with Kaleido to give our collection a magical, augmented reality experience. Each AR NFT will be scannable with the Kaleido app and it will come to life all over your room! Yes, the app works on Opensea as well!

Augmented Reality Preview

Physical Twin

The bread and butter of this collection will be the physical twin. Each Magical Mutt comes with one claimable piece that you will be able to show off at home!

26" x 26" Stretched Canvas Size Preview

That said, there are two different canvas types (rolled canvas and stretched canvas) and several different sizes (see list below). The size will be randomly determined by a trait value given at mint. When the physical is claimed, the metadata on the NFT will update on Opensea to show that the item cannot be claimed again, so the NFTs that have NOT been claimed will have better resale value.

This will create some interesting secondary market dynamics.

  • Stretched Canvas 12" x 12" — 600 pieces
  • Stretched Canvas 18" x 18" — 450 pieces
  • Stretched Canvas 26" x 26" — 300 pieces
  • Stretched Canvas 32" × 32" — 50 pieces
  • Rolled Canvas 20" x 20" — 1,394 pieces
  • Rolled Canvas 26" x 26" — 1,000 pieces
  • Rolled Canvas 34" × 24" — 600 pieces
  • Rolled Canvas 55" x 55" — 50 pieces

Free NFT — Bonus PFP

But wait, there’s more! All Magical Mutts holders will be allowed to claim a free PFP from our second collection, which will be a 3D Generative PFP collection.

So, if you mint a Magical Mutt, you’ll have access to three valuable pieces for the price of one! Magical Mutt, Physical Twin, and PFP.

Crypto Art

Each trait is 100% hand drawn by @Mattiswithdrawn, an absolutely fantastic artist that has worked with major creators like Hi-Rez on projects like Hog Homies and DUCKERS!. Go give him some love on Twitter!

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, Kaleido is helping with the Augmented Reality portion of the art. Kaleido is a blockchain startup that specializes in helping artists turn their current art into Augmented Reality art! Very cool project.

Doggone Alley AR Preview

Kaleido Digital Certificates

Every member who claims their physical twin will receive access to an account on Kaleido. This will come with the following items:

  • A Digital Certificate of Authenticity
  • A limited edition Magical Mutts background series on Kaleido
  • A PFP version of your Mutt on Kaleido

DAO Membership

The profits raised from the Magical Mutts collection will be issued to DumbleDAO, a community governed NFT DAO. DumbleDAO buys and sells NFTs and distributes profits to $DUMBLE holders. All Magical Mutt holders will be able to vote on which NFTs DumbleDAO purchases for its treasury. For more details check out

Join Us!

Currently our Discord is closed, but you can join us in Telegram or on Twitter!

Discord Now Open: