Dumbo Move Melbourne

Since 2010 Dumbo has been helping Melburnians move locally throughout Melbourne and Victoria. Dumbo can help you move just about anything that will fit in a moving truck or a moving van! Dumbo Move is one of Melbourne’s favourite and most trusted furniture removalists.

With several years of experience, you’re guaranteed to be moving with reliable furniture removalists equipped with professional moving gear, to move your furniture from your old place to your new place in one piece. Dumbo Move’s removalists and moving trucks are available seven days a week from 9am — 5pm, and offers outstanding service and competitive moving rates.

Most larger moving companies charge a minimum of two hours, but with Dumbo Move, you can move for as little as one hour. You can choose to move with one removalist and help out with your move, or you can hire two removalists, and let Dumbo will do all of the moving for you.

Moving Services

Not every move is the same. Dumbo has you covered with a range of moving services including:

Home Removals

Home Removals

Dumbo can help you move house or apartment, ranging from a small studio up to two bedrooms, no matter where you live: a single or double storey house, a block of units, or a highrise apartment with lift access. You’ll be sure you’re moving with experienced house removalists, fully equipped with professional moving gear to get your furniture to your new home intact. Dumbo is experienced at moving all types of furniture from delicate antiques, to heavy buffets and tables, and even side-by-side fridges.

House Moving Guide

Check out their home moving guide to get the best out of your moving experience, and get through moving day trouble free. Their moving tips and tricks will help you help you prepare for your move before moving day, and guide you through packing boxes, fragile items, and preparing your furniture for removal.

Office Removals

Office Removals

Over the years, Dumbo has moved many small businesses around Melbourne. Whether you have outgrown your current location and need to move to a larger office, or you just need some furniture or archived boxes moved around the building, Dumbo can get you moving.

Their office movers are fully trained and have years of experience moving office furniture. Their staff can help guide you through your move, so you can get on with running your business.

Office Moving Guide

Check out Dumbo’s office moving guide for great tips and tricks to help you stay on top of all of the tasks you have to get done before moving day. You’ll find helpful moving checklists, and advice on what to do before the day, so when moving day finally arrives you’ll be able to keep your business up and running.

Small Moves & Single Item Moves

Small Moves & Single Item Moves

If you don’t have a whole household load of furniture to move, Dumbo can help your with a small move, at a reasonable rate. Small moves can generally be booked at short notice, and can be done with one removalist, or two removalists.

Dumbo’s large moving vans are great for moving single items such as a fridges, beds and mattresses, sofas, washing machines, or dining tables, and their small moving trucks are great for moving small loads of furniture such as a bedroom suites, or a studio apartment.

Internal Moves

Internal Moves

Sometimes you don’t need a big moving truck but just a couple of strong men to move furniture in your house. Dumbo can help you move furniture inside your property, whether it is a house, an office, a shop, a warehouse, or a storage unit. Furniture and whitegoods can be moved from room to room, on the same level, or upstairs and downstairs.

Dumbo can help you move all types of household furniture such as a fridge, a mattress, a washer, a lounge, a wardrobe, and also office furniture.

Furniture Pickup & Furniture Delivery

Furniture Delivery

Furniture too big or too bulky to be delivered by a standard courier service can be picked up and transported by Dumbo Move. Their furniture delivery service is perfect for one off large and heavy items. Dumbo Move can deliver fridges, couches, mattresses, and a whole range of furniture to you.

They can pickup and deliver items from a private seller, or transport items bought on eBay, Gumtree, or from an auction.

Antique Removals & Transport

Antique Removals

Dumbo’s antique removalists are experienced at handling antique furniture. Before your antique furniture is moved it is checked for structural integrity. Shelves and loose pieces are removed before doors and draws are secured, and your items are wrapped to ensure they are kept safe in transport.

Dumbo can transport antique’s from an antique store, or from an auctioneer such as Leonard Joel or Abbeys Auctions.

Copier Transport

Copier Transport

Moving copiers and printers requires specialised equipment and trained removalists. Dumbo offers a copier transport service and can move copiers, and large format printers.

Book a Trusted Removalist

Get a Moving Quote Online

You can get a moving quote online or call Dumbo and get a quote over the phone. Depending on the size of your move, whether it be a single piece of furniture or a two bedroom home, getting a moving quote online can take anywhere between 2–12 minutes. Dumbo will break down your move into time estimates so you know what you’re up for before your move.