Future Blockchain Developers the Time is Now.

Every new technology breeds what can tend to be a voracious need for competent engineers for innovations that solve a diverse range of problems. We saw that with HTML, Object Oriented Programming Languages, various Open Source Programming Languages, iOS, Android etc.

The time is now for Blockchain developers to upskill themselves to take advantage working their way into becoming future leaders and experts (in areas such as architecture, security, engineering etc.). There are a couple of approaches one could take to learn and master the skills required to be a Blockchain expert.

Self-learning: you have to be self motivated to embark on this. This could require an enormous effort but it’s definitely doable.

Learning from Bootcamps/Universities: some of these are free others are paid for and I suspect more to come.

This article by Coin Desk goes to a great length in its enticement of what I see as illustrious prospects for current and future Blockchain developers.