10 methods I use to inspire and motivate myself

Dumitru Ciorici, media entrepreneur in Moldova

You know that there are some days in which nothings works. It just doesn’t. You would work, but you lack focus, motivation, you would read a book before bed time, but it’s easier to play with the TV remote, you dream of going through with that idea you’ve been having, although something else quickly catches your attention in the office: suddenly you have emails to check, likes to give on Facebook/Instagram. Worst case scenario, you go to a neighbor in the evening to conduct a sudden poll: What does he think of the latest iteration of a wine company. And your motivation remains tied up to this plan: I will try again tomorrow.

And what do you know — tomorrow is today’s copy.

Not few were the occasions in which I got caught in these black holes. After a few days, the degree of dissatisfaction reached its peak. As opposed to me. In a moment of introspection, I understood that I cannot motivate myself. I didn’t even know how.

The most terrorizing thought for me (and it still manages to take me by surprise) is the following: I know there are days in which I am a force of nature, immune to everything, I have energy for me and 100 other man. “Where are them, where is that tank filled with energy, what is the secret behind motivation?”, I kept asking myself. Lacking a solution, I put a piece of paper in my pocket and started taking notes every time something gave me wings. A few months later, the result is a mix of constant peace, self-evaluation, objectives and motivational triggers.

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